CR-1/IR-1 Marriage Visa

CR-1/IR-1 Marriage Visa (with Green Card)

In General a CR-1/ IR-1 marriage visa allows a Thai Citizen (spouse) married to a United States Citizen to legally enter the US, immediately becoming a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) upon entry. The couple must be legally married and that it is officially recognized in the location in which it occurred. (CR-1 is for couples married 2 years or less; IR-1 is for couples married over two years and will receive their 10 year Green card)

We highly recommend this visa to any clients who are currently married and considering the K-3 visa. Although it may take a bit longer to get this visa (although USCIS applications times are almost the same recently) the pluses are worth it:

  • The CR-1 and IR-1 are immigrant Visas which allows the applicant to arrive in the USA and get their green card very quickly.
  • LPR (Legal Permanent Resident)
  • They may immediately seek employment
  • They do not need special permission to leave the USA for travel
  • Time difference and cost savings are a major plus!

Please note: All clients and situations are different. We take great pride in working with our clients to solve any situations that may arise. We only do American Visas for Thai Citizens. That’s our specialty and we offer the best possible service!

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