Meet Our Staff

Supawan Chinaroj or “Ning”
Office Manager

Ning specializes in the CR-1 and IR-1 marriage visas. She oversees all of the work that enters the office. Call and discuss your marriage or fiancé(e) visa with her today. Ning also handles our business registration and work permit business. She “loves” to talk…so give her a call today!

Apinya Netleucha or “Lookwah”
Tourist/Business and K-1 or fiancé(e) specialist

If you are investigating the possibility of taking your fiancé(e)/girlfriend to America to get married, give Lookwah a call. If you are traveling as a tourist and/or for business purposes, she can let you know how these visa’s work and the time involved.

Jim Styers
Director and Immigration consultant

As an American, Jim will oversee ALL visas that are applied for and in most cases deal directly with the Amercian sponsor, husband, boyfriend, fiancé(e) or partner of the Thai National. Having this direct communication is what sets us apart from most agencies. Ask around…no better service can be found.