Our Fee Schedule

We encourage you to check around and compare similar services offered by other companies.  

Our prices are competitive and transparent. We do feel we offer the most professional, honest and ethical operation in Thailand.

Don’t gamble on your future! If you want to do right the first time and do it only one time, then do it with us! 

Our fees are listed below with no hidden charges; in fact, we even offer discounts in some cases.

  • K-1 fiancé(e) Visa:  $1460.00 or approximately 51,000 baht*
  • CR-1/IR-1 (marriage WITH green card): $1,875.00 or approximately 65,000 baht*
  • Tourist Visa/Business Visa (B1/B2): $320.00 or approximately 11,520 baht*
  • Student Visa (F-1): $350.00 or approximately 12,300 baht*
  • Full Service Student Visa including Admissions, etc.: $1,250.00 or approximately 43,750 baht.*

Ask about family or group pricing … we can offer up to 50% discount!

*Rates above are our service fees.  Embassy fees, medical or other outside administrative fees including translations, International Courier fees, etc.,  that may occur will be charged at their actual cost.  We will give you a cost breakdown prior to your contract.  Every client has different requirements, so it is impossible to estimate your final cost until we review your situation.  (Example:  medical, number of translations needed, etc.)

NEW:  We are now offering a “Budget” and “Check Only” service for our Tourist and Business Visa’s.  Please call for these great savings:  02-646-2541 or 089-200-1606

(Ask about our 100% money back guarantee.)

Tourist, Student and Work fees must be all paid in advance.  K-1 & CR-1/IR-1 we require a 50% deposit followed by a further 25% when the American documents have been submitted and a final payment of 25% when the approval has been sent to the Embassy in Bangkok.  A 5% discount is offered for payment in full in advance (K-1 & CR1/IR1)

Give us a call!  662-646-2541 or 089-200-1606 (English or Thai)
info@americavisa4thai.com (English or Thai)

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Guarantee: The Immigration and/or non-immigrant visa’s are complicated and VERY detail oriented.  Any mistake can set you back months of waiting time.  Due to our experience and case load, we can spend the time necessary to offer you a 100% guarantee on our work.  If for any reason you are denied your visa due to our errors, we will refund and/or re-apply on your behalf with no extra charges.